Here Are Some Great Travel Accessories To Make Your Vacation Easier, More Comfortable, And Safer

If you would like to find out about some of the travel accessories that are available to make your trip more comfortable, easier, and safer, here are some great products. These items should be available at any luggage and travel accessories stores.

What are compression bags and can they save a lot of space in your travel luggage?

If you use plastic space saving compression bags when packing your clothes, you can save up to 80% more space in your luggage. They can be used over and over again for years of easy packing.

What is a non-slip security wallet and how does it work?

One accessory you should consider buying is the non-slip security travel wallet. It is about the same size as a regular wallet but it has non-slip rubber on one side which will rub against and catch on the inside of your pocket if it accidentally slips out of your pocket, or if someone tries to pick your pocket. Always put your wallet in your front pocket. Under no circumstances should you ever carry your wallet in your back pocket. Professional thieves the world over call it “the sucker pocket”.

Here is a great trick! You can change your wallet into a non-slip wallet by putting a couple of wide elastic bands around it. Another solution that will help with the problem of pickpockets is a chain-equipped security wallet which can be attached to your belt.

The secret waist wallet compliments the non-slip travel wallet. It fits under your blouse or shirt, but is still easily accessible. It’s not a good idea to lift your blouse or shirt up and open this wallet in public as you never know who is watching, like a would be robber, or pickpocket. It is best to open it discretely where nobody can see you doing it, such as in a public washroom stall.

Leather money belts that have concealed, zippered pockets on the inner sides of them, are excellent security travel products. You can hide small foldable documents, paper money, or a key in the secure, zippered pocket.

Elastic security socks have a concealed, zippered type pocket on the inside of each one of a pair of these socks. These socks would be difficult for a pickpocket to access.

Another unique accessory is the RFID blocking passport holder. This radio frequency identification holder protects your passport, and other important documents that could be compromised by data-stealing hackers.

A combination and key accessible combo luggage lock makes it possible for the custom’s officials to unlock your checked luggage for inspection with a special skeleton key, then lock your luggage up again. You can then dial the combination and you can open your luggage. This can save you a lot of time and money replacing regular locks that custom’s agents would normally have to break to gain entry to inspect your luggage. Another real plus with these combo locks is that you do not have any keys to worry about losing or replacing.

You can carry a battery-operated, personal security alarm that emits a loud, shrill sound that can help scare off a mugger or robber. Another product that is less costly and will produce the same effect is a referee’s sports whistle, which you can hide under your shirt or blouse, attached to a string, and hung around your neck.

Battery-operated hotel room intruder alarms are excellent hotel room safety devices. One kind of alarm hangs on the room’s door knob. Any movement of the door or door knob will set off the alarm. Another one is the doorstop type which you push under the hotel room door’s bottom edge. If someone tries to open the door, the alarm will sound.

Women travelers can get an innovative security purse that has a steel cable sewn into the strap. This will foil a thief who attempts to cut through the strap and tries to take off with their purse.

Easy is the word for the pocket pillow that is approximately 6″ x 4″ x 1″. It inflates to about 19″ x 15″, and is handy to carry with you. It makes a comfortable pillow to rest your head upon.

You should always make sure that you protect your eyes when on vacation in sunny climates by wearing sunglasses that carry both a UVA as well as a UVB certified protection label.

A handy little book light that clamps on to the edge of your book enables you to conveniently read in dim light or total darkness. It also allows you to read in the dark without disturbing your sleeping travel companion.

If you like to wear a backpack you should consider a steel-mesh equipped backpack. These security backpacks have a steel mesh that is sewn in the bottom and sides, the vulnerable places where a thief could slash it with a knife. If this happens, everything will tumble out, and the thief and his accomplices can grab anything of valuable and run away in different directions.

Keep in mind that you will probably have to use adaptor plugs and converters if you are traveling to certain countries.

A large travel accessories store, Magellan’s, has an award-winning catalogue that has everything for travelers from adaptor plugs to secret security wallets. You can order their catalogue online, at

Tilley Endurables is a legendary manufacturer of sun-protective travel clothing and accessories.They created the world renowned Tilley Hat and specialize in making practical, stylish and comfortable travel clothing and outdoor hats. Most of the fabrics that they use in manufacturing their hats and clothing carry a certified UPF 50 rating label, which is the highest rating available for sun protection. You can receive their sun-protective clothing and accessories catalogue by logging on to their website, at

How Can You Avoid Serious Food And Water Borne Tropical Diseases When You Are On Vacation?

There are a number of very serious diseases that are caused by contaminated food and water. Some of these major diseases are dysentery, which can be preceded by traveler’s diarrhea, hepatitis A, cholera, and typhoid. These diseases are very prevalent in third world countries, however, people can contract them even in their own home town. Here is some information that can help you lessen the chance of getting these diseases when you take a tropical holiday.

What things can you do to lessen the chance of contracting these serious diseases when traveling?

You should drink only bottled water when you are on your holidays. Make sure the seal of the cap has not been broken. If it shows signs of being tampering with, do not drink the water. In a number of third world countries, it is common for some street vendors, children, or restaurants to fill water bottles with tap water and offer them to tourists as authentic bottled water.

Ice cubes can be a major source of contaminated water. Unlike bottled water, there is no way that you, as a vacationer, can be sure the ice cubes were made from a safe, non-contaminated source of water unless the restaurant has an impeccable reputation. Therefore, you shouldn’t use ice cubes in your drinks unless you are positive the source of the water is safe.

When you’re on a tropical vacation you should avoid eating any uncooked foods like salads as they are another major source of these diseases.

How do people commonly contract traveler’s diarrhea?

Traveler’s diarrhea is usually caused by contaminated water or food, but it can also be caused by stress or a change of location when you are traveling. Some of the symptoms are gas, feeling nauseas, upset stomach, cramps and a liquid stool.

What should you do if you get traveler’s diarrhea?

Drink a lot of liquids such as purified water and soda or pop to prevent getting dehydrated. These symptoms usually pass in two or three days, but, if the symptoms persist or are getting more severe, you should find medical help immediately as you could have one of two more serious conditions, bacteria, or amoeba dysentery.

What are some symptoms of dysentery?

Severe headaches, stomach cramps, a high fever, vomiting, blood and/or mucous in the stool are the usual symptoms of both bacteria and amoeba caused dysentery. Both types of dysentery can develop into very serious conditions if left untreated. Seek medical help immediately.

What is the difference between hepatitis A and B?

Hepatitis A is a very infectious disease that spreads through contaminated food and water (including ice cubes). Hepatitis B is spread in the same way that the HIV virus is spread, by infected blood or body fluids through sexual contact, a cut or break in the skin, or a transfusion. Both diseases have similar symptoms which may include headaches, fever, chills, feeling fatigued, stomach cramps, aches and pains, nausea and vomiting, a lack of appetite, dark colored urine and a light colored stool. Jaundiced skin and yellow whites of the eyes are also usual symptoms. If you get some, or every one of these symptoms you must seek out medical help as soon as you can. As a precaution, however, it would make sense to see your local medical health professional before you travel on vacation and get vaccinated against both of these diseases. Always keep in mind that your first line of defense is to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B before you traveling.

It’s advisable to find out from your local medical health authority if you should be vaccinated before your trip. Some countries you want to visit may require an up-to-date vaccination certificate. Even if they don’t require one, it still makes good sense to be vaccinated as hepatitis A is highly infectious. Hepatitis B may lead to AIDS. Both of these diseases attack the liver. There is a vaccination called Twinrix which protects you against both hepatitis A and B. You can find out more about this combo vaccination at

What can you do if you contract cholera?

Cholera causes severe diarrhea, which can lead to extreme dehydration and possibly death. This serious disease is transmitted through contaminated food and water. Immunization is not considered effective so you must practice good hygiene.

Travel Luggage – What Features Should Travelers Look For?

I’m sure that most travelers have at one time or another bought inexpensive travel luggage that literally fell apart after only a few years of traveling and vacationing. It seems that most times in life you get what you pay for, so it may make a lot of sense to invest in a more expensive, but very durable set of luggage. Quality counts. And, in the long run you can save a lot of money by not continually buying cheaply made luggage.

Always buy wheel-equipped luggage, including your carry-on. Make sure that the telescopic handles will lock in both low and high positions. If you are a tall person, you don’t want to have to stoop just to pull your luggage along.

One of the top-of-the-line, wheeled, nineteen inch roller board carry-ons is TravelPro’s FlightPro4. Another top brand is Tumi.

Carry luggage bungee cords with you so you can tie down any piggybacked luggage if you have to.

What should you look for in larger-sized luggage?

Soft-sided luggage is superior to hard-sided suitcases as the locks on the latter can easily break open when your luggage is thrown around. Luggage handlers are not noted for being gentle when it comes to transferring luggage from place to place. The luggage should be made of strong, durable, 1,000 denier cordura nylon or polyester, and have double or triple stitching as well as extra reinforcing at all stress points. Each piece should have a padded, expandable handle that locks into both short and long handle positions. The luggage should also be light-weight, expandable, and have outside pockets. Brightly colored luggage is easier to pick out as it circles around the carousel. Lastly, your luggage should have large zippers and wide, rubber, recessed wheels..

Please note that if you purchase luggage that has detachable handles or straps, it is advisable to take them off as they can easily get hung up on airport conveyer belts.

What should you look for in a backpack?

A backpack should be lightweight and feel comfortable while wearing it when it is full. A gender-specific design and a built-in lumbar support will greatly increase your comfort. It should have a weather resistant polyurethane coating, a zip-off day pack, outside and inside pockets as well as a hip belt with pockets, and adjustable, padded, wide straps. The carrying capacity of a backpack should be approximately 4,000 to 5,000 cubic inches.

Some backpacks have a light-weight steel mesh grid sewn inside to prevent valuable personal items from falling out if it is slashed by a robber while it is being worn.

Have Essential Oils – Will Travel

During a break from my Aromatherapy studies in London, I set out on a trip with my girlfriend to Egypt. I’d always been fascinated with Ancient Egyptian culture and impressed by their diverse knowledge and documented use of essential oils. Not only were essential oils sourced and used for the sensual pleasure imparted through perfumery, they also played a paramount part in ceremonial worshiping and for general health and wellbeing. To my surprise I was about to find out how resourceful a few essential oils could be.

We arrived at Cairo Airport in the wee hours of the morning excited and apprehensive about our new adventure. Little did we know about bungling taxi drivers in Cairo. It didn’t help that the only directions we had for accommodation was our out-of-date ‘Lonely Planet’ guide. An hour of hap hazard driving and we finally arrived at a place that the driver, very convincingly, told us was the paradise Inn! Yeah, right…

Now I know for a fact that the Ancient Egyptians took cleanliness seriously. There are even ancient records of an essential oil deodorant recipe dating back to 1500BC. For those Egyptians who were quite decadent, bathing more than once a day in different temperature baths with perfumed oils was one of a number of beauty-enhancing rituals. But of course that was Ancient Egypt, which on comparison bared little resemblance to our ‘paradise’ accommodation in modern day Cairo. Cleanliness was obviously not a priority, not by any means… no siree!!! Anyway we were exhausted and decided to stay regardless. After a weary day we both looked forward to a restful night sleep only to discover that our beds would reveal another not so pleasant surprise, bed mites …aghhh!

Fortunately, I brought some natural aromatherapy essential oils on the trip and pulled out my faithful bottle of (antiseptic, insecticidal, parasiticidal, deodorising, sedating) French Lavender and put a few drops on some tissues that we placed strategically in the bed. Egyptian mummies had the right idea, ritually embalmed in Frankincense and Myrrh and firmly wrapped in bandages…nothing gets in and nothing gets out.

Essential oils are a must when travelling. Fortunately for a little forethought we survived sharing trains with farm animals, overcrowded bus trips with lunatic drivers and need I say almost disappearing into the desert by camel… but that’s another story.

Your essential oil travel kit should contain: lavender, chamomile, geranium, peppermint, ginger, tea tree and thyme.

Travelling Green Made Easy

Nearing the winter months, many come to tropical countries to escape the harsh bitter cold season. The maps, pads of paper, the pencils and the internet are tools of itineraries in the making. With so many things to consider, may I so kindly slip one small item of interest on your table – so small, but could possibly make all the difference in the world? The slip of paper would read: “Go green.”

The biggest impact on our environment is travel, which means making decisions to take small positive actions that can go a long way to helping reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. What airlines, car rental agencies and hotels are environmentally friendly or least are making efforts to clean up? What can we do before we leave, while on vacation and when we return that can make a difference?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Here’s a brief checklist of easy-to-implement ideas that can save you money, support businesses that are trying to do the right thing and lessen the negative impact of global warming. Enjoy and bon voyage!

Where to Go?

You can visit any State in the U.S. or any country in the world and remain environmentally friendly. The canyons are majestic. The Niagara Falls is awe-inspiring. Prince Edward Island in Canada offers crisp, clean air and soft grasses you can sleep on!

The beautiful rain forests of Costa Rica are still preserved and Geneva is one of the best I’ve seen in Europe so far! And, of course, I must mention the best beaches are in Thailand (OK, I’m bias!). Phi Phi Island from the movie “Beaches” are truly breath-taking and the waters are so clear I can see the grains of sand while standing up!!!

Singapore is one the most environmentally friendly countries in Asia. I still have yet to find litter on the street. Sydney, Australia recently turned off the lights of the city in support of sustainability and has taken record-setting measures to improve the quality of their air and water. New Zealand is not only THE epitome of “Green” they also are some of the most fascinating sports – Fear Factor anyone?

Where to Stay?

Many hotels across the world are taking the initiative to incorporate green business practices in their companies. They save energy and money and they remain competitive. There are directories available online that will list green hotels and their environmentally-friendly practices.

Some directories rate hotels who recycles; uses updated water-saving toilets and shower heads; educate their staff and guests about the environment; uses alternative sources of energy such as biomass, solar or wind systems; donates to the community; participates or have received certification from green programs, etc.

How to Get There?

Air Travel

Continental Airlines have replaced their fleet with more efficient fuel-saving aircrafts reducing emissions by up to 5. They also have a full-time of environmentalists dedicated to helping the company improve their terminals and track carbon emissions and chemical recycling.

Virgin Air has focused their attention to using bio-fuels and to eventually wean themselves off fossil fuels. The founder, Richard Branson, has dedicated all his airline profits for the next ten years to global warming research (estimated $3 billion).

There are also CO2 emissions calculators available allowing you to pay a little extra to offset the carbon emissions generated from the flight. That money then goes to research, invested in environmentally-friendly projects and/or renewable resources. A great resource is Sustainable Travel International (STI). It’s a non-profit organization that gives details about the various carbon offsets programs available.

On the Road

Many car rental agencies in America are still behind when it comes to offering hybrids. EV Rental in California and Arizona and Bio-Beetle in Hawaii are great if you’re travelling in those areas. If you can get your hands on a hybrid, you can save gas and the atmosphere and they are competitively priced. This is also a great way to test hybrids if you’re thinking of buying a car in the future.

If hybrids are not available, Hertz has a Green Collection program for fuel-efficient cars. Toyotas and Hondas tend to be the most energy-efficient cars. If you’re looking for larger models, consider Ford.

Before You Go…

Here’s a quick list that will help tremendously:

* Put a hold on the newspaper delivery until you come back.

* Turn down the water heater temperature (I’ve turn it off at the circuit breaker, but some feel uncomfortable with that idea.)

* Unplug the appliances. If you unplug the refrigerator, be sure to leave the doors open to prevent mold accumulation.
* Consider using a reusable camera instead of the disposal ones. It will definitely save you money and you’ll have better control of your images.

* Consider using rechargeable batteries.

* Bring some comfortable walking shoes – walking or biking is the best way to see everything and get in touch with the locals!

While You’re There

Alas, you’ve made it! Now enjoy the experience! Relax and learn from the locals. The best trips are the ones that allow you to get a taste of life from different perspectives.

Consider renting a bike and seeing all the sights not listed in your travel guide! If you can canoe or kayak, imagine the sights you can tell all your jealous friends! Share your green experiences with the locals and I’m sure they would appreciate the time and attention you put into keeping their community clean.

Here are just a few more tips you can use while you’re there:

* Consider recycling your discards before you dump it. Many areas now have recycling bins available through their cities, especially in Europe and Canada.

* If you don’t need fresh towels and sheets every day, tell housekeeping. They would appreciate it and it saves the water and energy.

* Turn off the lights, TV and the air conditioner before you leave. It may be warm when you get back, but the A/C will cool your room pretty quickly.

* If you already brought your own soap, shampoo, etc., consider leaving the hotel’s complimentary soaps for the next guests. That would reduce the amount of waste.

Coming Back Home

Here’s one small idea that can go a long way: write a quick note or send an email to thank the businesses for being green conscience. This is new many establishments and some are making these changes as a test trial. Giving appreciation, and spreading the word, will not only encourage more environmentally sound practices, but it really feels good when someone appreciates your efforts. Bonus: you feel good too!

Making a few changes or taking the time to consider greener options in your travels will save you money, help the environment, show others you care about their community and make you feel like you made a difference. PLUS, you can have the time of your life and unforgettable moments to be treasured for generations.

The Changing Face of the Travel Industry

Once one of the darlings of the financial world, the tourism industry is currently undergoing a massive period of change and patterns of consumer spending have altered massively over the last few years. As with so many other business models, the prime driver of this change has been the Internet. In the past, the majority of package holidays bought by UK consumers were provided through a chain of companies. The customer bought from a high-street travel agent, who in turn was acting as an agent for a holiday tour operator. The tour operator in turn was buying the individual parts of the holiday from the relevant suppliers, such as airlines and hotels.

That business model is fast becoming a thing of the past, and in turn many travel agents and tour operators have closed their doors for the last time ” frequently having lost substantial amounts of income of late. The prime reason lies with the ability of the consumer, through use of the Internet, to effectively bypass all the parts of the chain and become their own tour operator and travel agent. All aspects of holidays can be bought on-line in this way, frequently with great ease.

However, all is not as simple as it might at first seem. In terms of security, tour operators selling holidays in the UK must carry bonding referred to as ATOL (Air Travel Operators Licence) and administered by the Civil Aviation Authority. The terms for this are strict and rigidly enforced and the effect is that anyone buying a holiday through an ATOL holder is completely protected financially. If the company providing the holiday goes out of business before the passenger travels, all monies paid are refunded. If the worst should happen while a customer is on holiday, the bond will pay for, and make arrangements for, return air travel. In the current climate of financial failure, this is a vital piece of protection.

All holiday tour operators are also obliged to carry suitable liability insurance. In the (hopefully unlikely!) event of anyone suffering injury as the result of circumstances outside of their control, this can be extremely advantageous. Nobody likes to think of dreadful things happening during their holidays, but unfortunately there have been too many bad events over the years to ignore the possibility.

Anyone who books a holiday direct, bypassing travel agents and tour operators, will effectively lose all the financial protection they would otherwise have been entitled to and it is vital that they do this in the full knowledge of all the facts. Ironically, it is effectively only tour operators who are obliged to offer all the relevant protection. Neither airlines, travel agents, nor many of the large Internet sites need to (or do) carry such bonding and insurance.

But times are changing. In particular the market for North Cyprus hotels has grown massively. There are many reputable firms in this area and if you pay in the UK you are reasonably protected. Book your flights through an ATOL bonded agent and this is pretty-well as safe as a full package holiday.

So there you have it. By all means, try to get the best holiday deals you can, but please take care and make sure you aren’t exposing yourself to a potentially large loss!

Are You Getting Cheap Airline Tickets

Nobody wants to pay a small fortune for an airline ticket these days, And if you take a look around you will see that every where that you look there is some kind of an advertisement for cheap airline tickets especialy on the internet but they are also billboard signs, Tv and else where as well.

Now who wants to pay the full price for an airplane ticket when you can get pretty much the same ticket somewhere else for about half of the original price.

If you didn’t already know it by now, Airline ticket sales has become a huge business in it self, It is not like it use to be where you had to see a travel agent to get a good deal on you travel tickets today you have more options.

When using a travel agent you can get some really good deals but you need to keep in mind that the agents are in business to make money that is what they are in business for, Even though they get you a good deal they get their cut as well.

With internet access these days it is a whole lot easier to do a search to find the best ticket deals, One of the first stops that most people make when doing a search is a fare comparison site, What these sites do is check the prices of many different carriers that offer the flight that you are looking for.

You will have a lot more options if you plan your travel from one big city to another big city compared to the small airports that don’t get much traffic.

If your schedule is a little flexible then you may be able to save a lot more money on your flight by changing your departure or arrival dates by a day or so and see if that makes any difference in the price of your trip.

Another Place that you can sometimes find a cheap airline ticket is on an auction site, Yes thats right, sometimes people buy a ticket and for what ever reason they are not able to use the ticket and can not get a refund so in order for them not to take a total loss they will sale it for what they can get out of it.

How ever you find your tickets take a little time to look around there are cheap airline tickets out there just waiting for you.

Are you a cycling amateur? We are waiting for you!

There is a new way to travel and discover Italy, away from crowed tourism destination and famous cities.

If you like bicycle you can now enjoy a new travelling trend called cycle-tourism.

From Northern to Southern Italy, from eastern coast to the western one, you can plan your holiday riding your beloved


The Italy Bike Hotels> [] are ready to welcome you, your family, your friend and your bicycle.

Italy Bike Hotels is a Group of Hotels having a very skilled mission: they offer special facilities dedicated to cycling


Every Hotel has a safe storage.
Your Bicycle will be safe in a special locked area with racks and hoocks, reserved only for hotel guests.
Benches and lockers are available where you can change to train and leave your clothing safely.

You will also find the equipment and tools necessary for the care and maintenance of your bicycle; and garages fully-equipped

for general mechanical repairs.

Even if you need medical assistance and physiotherapy to take care of minor injuries or muscular problems that could

compromise your cycling holiday, you just ask the hotel and you will have these professional service for free.

After your pleasant but hard work, you can relax in a sauna or try a massage treatment. Otherwise if you wish, it is possible

to spend fitness time in affiliated gyms or swimming pools, which offers you special prices.

All the Hotels prepares balanced and energetic meals, with local products, in order to suite your athletic needs pre and post


Daily laundry service is available for your sports suits.

An expert cycle guide will be available to accompany and help you with itinerary you choose.
If you prefer individual excursions, our guides will give you excellent advice on the route that best suits your


Every hotel provides maps and trails of its area, with technical descriptions and translations.
This year you can also plan you Italy Bike Hotels Tour: on our web site you can choose among six different cycling tours up

and down Italy.
– Cycling through time, from the Palaeolithic to the present
– From Liguria to the Adriatic Coast
– Monti liguri, Cervia salt marshes and Massa Carrara area
– Cycling along Italy’s East and West coasts, crossing Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Tuscany
– Castles, ancient citadels and nature along the Adriatic coast
– Lush nature and thermal baths

From now you can book your cycling holiday on-line with our booking engine.
Many of the Italy Bike Hotels have enriched their offer with the booking on-line, where you can easily verify availability,

prices, special offers and last minutes!

If you think about an holiday in Italy with your bicycle enjoy our group and our facilities!

Scotland Golf Package

Well, there’s no getting away from it. If you decide on a enjoying golf travel tour Scotland, there is no question that you are in for the most complicated enjoying golf encounters. With this in mind, European people, People in America and even Aussies make the travel to Scotland every week, with the only objective of taking up this once in a life-time task. Conventional hyper links tennis, composure, solitude and excellent natural charm – the program provides some of the best tournament programs in the world, to match every price range and every ability.

Winter is the perfect here we are at child i.e. Oct to Goal is the pick here we are at enjoying golf and program come out with types in it, such as Scotland tennis trips, Scotland tennis smashes and golf travel hotels in Scotland.this program provide you with different types of trip itineraries gazing from 1night program to 7nights program. Scotland tennis program techniques to you with:

1. Special packages

2. Perth shire packages

3. Highland packages

4. Yorkshire packages

5. Angus packages

6. Fife packages

7. Winter season tennis crack packages

8. Top quality Packages

Scotland tennis program varies from 105 to 1925 per person (Approx). This cost contains bed and morning meal, relaxed housing based on two people discussing an en-suite dual or dual room, number of units in tennis course as described in the itineraries you choose, tennis package also contains course guidelines, charts, and local information. Scotland tennis program also provide you with some optionally available accessories like Airport terminal pick-up and course exchanges, supper, bed and morning meal, Self drive car or van seek the services of and touring trips. The cost of the offers relies on date of journey, figures in party and whether you wish to stay in a 3 celebrity guest house, or 3, 4 or 5 celebrity resort, peak season, mid week or end of the will get everything you need to enjoy an memorable Scottish tennis holiday, such as housing, green charges, area journey and any accessories you may require. If you really like your tennis and you really like to journey then choose Scotland tennis program they will give you the mixture of this two in wonderful Scotland. As a enjoying golf fanatic you can begin Scotland tennis offers, holidays and trips, some of which include the spectacular St. Andrews (link) – the ultimate goal of tennis – where the excellent game was first performed in the Fifteenth millennium.

Scotland provides you with types of drinks apart from enjoying golf and one of them is Solomon fishing- it is one of the most popular smashes for those of us whose dual interest is launching a fly in desire of the master of seafood, there can be no better place than the financial institutions of the great stream in Perth shire, Scotland and supplier seems excellent to provide properly secured access to some of the best Scottish Fish sport fishing rich waters in the UK, and can now provide Scottish Fish sport fishing as part of your Golf Holiday schedule, or as a fully comprehensive sport fishing crack in its own right.

Si Senor, Will That Be Testicles or Head?

Some say it’s one of the oldest professions, yet it garners little if any respect from most of the population notwithstanding the tradition that has been its trademark for generations: the chivero, or slayer and preparer of goat, and its barbequing in an in-ground oven. There are a number of other caprine cattle that are cooked in the ancient style, including ram and sheep. Since the early nineties, here in Oaxaca the most popular / unlucky of these inhabitants of the hills has been the borrego pelibuey, a variety of sheep.

Oaxaca (wa-HAW-kah) is a colonial city tucked away in a valley surrounded by the Sierra Madre del Sur range in south central Mexico. Boasting no less than 16 indigenous cultures, it should come as no great shock that such a custom has been maintained in the state for hundreds if not thousands of years. However the modern institution of baking a variety of meats in a pit extends far beyond Mexico, and in fact is practiced in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Hawaii, and much further abroad. After all, before the advent of coal, gas and electric ovens, if circumstances dictated something other than grilling over an open flame, our ancestors had little choice but to innovate in this fashion.

What began with humankind’s Darwinian development of a simple invention of necessity has become a highly ritualized and esteemed convention.

Whether you’re traveling, visiting, working or living the life of a retiree abroad, as you become integrated into your host society, on balance you’ll be invited to partake in at least a portion of the pomp and ceremony associated with barbacoa, as it’s more commonly known in Mexico.

In Oaxaca the custom is reserved for fiestas marking significant rites of passage such as key birthdays and anniversaries, and weddings. It cuts across class lines, observance ranging from campesinos in the smallest of back road villages, to the upper class in the backyards of their luxurious homes in gated suburban communities.

While varying only minimally depending on local mores, practice begins with the purchase of the appropriate number of candidates at a private farm or livestock market…unless you’ve been raising your own. One counts on each beast serving between about 25 and 40 people, depending on size. Plumping them up for a few days never hurts, if you have the space and inclination.

The chivero, frequently with associate, family member and/or young apprentice, arrives a day before the comida (the largest meal of the day in Mexico, beginning anytime between 2 and 4 pm) to survey and give instructions before beginning. Are the cooking vessels, additional accessories, related foodstuffs and pit appropriate for the task at hand, or will there have to be last minute purchases or adaptations? Considerations include: type, dimensions and quantity of lea (firewood); requisite river rocks; age, size and composition of oven; type of grate; and even sufficiency of loose soil.

The better part of that first afternoon consists of the slaughter and skinning, cutting and cleaning, with procedures marked by care and precision, right down to evacuating the inside of each and every inch of intestine with the nimblest of digital movements, akin to, and no less delicate a process than spinning yarn from raw wool. Nothing is wasted. Virtually every entrail, organ and liquid is gathered, prepared and set aside for later use. No less important to the ultimate creation of a culinary coupe, parallel provisions are attended by others elsewhere in or around the home, principally the select array of vegetables is cored, cut and cubed, and herbs and seasonings sequestered. Best to have a healthy compliment of friends and relatives on hand. If you’re asked to attend a day early, you now know why.

By evening the maestro is ready to begin the process of curing the oven. One which measures roughly 3′ x 3′ x 4′ should accommodate about 4 animals for a party with upwards of 150 guests—the terracotta bricks lining the ground cavity need not have been fired to the same extent as those used in usual construction of homes, and the better view is to build the oven with minimally baked blocks. Logs are lit by nightfall. The chivero has the option of thereafter returning home for a brief break, or napping on site until the madrugada, perhaps 2 or 3 in the morning, when he must add further firewood to ensure continued consistency of heat. Atop this layer is strategically placed a stratum of rounded river rocks which will absorb and hold the heat pending completion of cooking.

At about 7 am, more wood is added and allowed to burn off, but not before the skewered hearts are barbecued over the flames—a taco delicacy—and several agave or maguey leaves have been charred. The previously prepared produce, with select innards and water to cover, now in an oversized cast aluminum cauldron, is placed on the scorching stones, as is a mixture of large broken corn kernels with a separate set of flavorings. An iron grate containing the quartered meat including head and organs—either plain, or enchilada (spiced)—with avocado leaves and the grilled agave placed atop, is gingerly lowered onto the vegetable receptacles. The blood, encased in stomach lining, is readied. On top of all is placed the petate, a large mat of dried palm leaf or reed. The subsequent coverings, at least one of which must be firm enough to withstand the weight of a final heavy layer, include one or more of a large flat grid of lengths of reinforced steel; a sheet of laminated metal; and a spread of sturdy plastic or vinyl. For further assurance a hill of dirt is then shoveled on top of all, then compacted with the aid of a light hosing of water. Tradition dictates that while the oven and its contents are being sealed for baking, a bottle of mezcal is placed within the mound of earth.

From when the first match is lit, the foregoing steps are much more than mere convention. They are carefully calculated, much in the same fashion as the most specific time and temperature stipulations contained in a difficult baking recipe in a gourmet cookbook. However I have yet to determine the scientific roll played by the wooden cross set on the crest of the mountain of tierra firma…other than symbolic of burial.

Guests tend to arrive between 2:30 and 4:30 pm, by which time the blood has curdled to the consistency of a terrine style accompaniment, and entre has been roasted to perfection, its juices having dripped into the casseroles thereby creating a flavorful, vegetable and meat potage, and a thick starchy accompaniment, the corn having turned to mash aided by the meat’s juices. At their option, at the chosen hour, males in attendance may take a shovel and aid in the unearthing of the oven, with the one encountering the piping hot bottle of mezcal—contents by then smooth to the extreme— being given the privilege of serving shotsful to others in the fraternity of assisting amigos.

The bouillabaisse is served, followed by the most tender, savory and succulent meat imaginable, with sides of sangre and the cooked large grain, preferably to the sound of live music. And yes, a limited number of guests are presented with the available crania having been opened so that they can scoop brain and/or eye into tortilla and top with salsa before indulging. Care must be taken to avoid insulting one to whom a head has been promised. At a joint birthday bash thrown with a fellow Aquarian, en route to delivering the delicacy to a comadre I wished to honor, a friend stopped me at his table and by the time I’d arrived with the prize to its ultimate destination, almost all but a bare bone skull remained. Finally, the testicles should be offered to others worthy of special tribute. But once again be mindful. At that same celebration, a five-goat-affair, someone absconded with all ten testes.